NEW!! Reusable PoochPad™ Plus PoochTurf

Our NEW PoochTurf Plus Reusable PoochPad™ combines a PoochPad™ - the most widely used reusable potty pad in the world - with a stylish touch of "nature" on top. Your dog can have his very own indoor patch of grass to go on over and over again!

NEW!! - PoochPad™ Spray products

  • PoochPad Potty Training Attractant Spray - helps train your dogs to go where you want them to go
  • PoochPad Stain & Odor Eliminator - keeps grass fresh, rugs clean & much more

PoochPad™, the original, Reusable Potty Pad

The eco friendly alternative to disposable pads with built in odor protection & guaranteed for 300 washes!! PoochPads™ are available for dogs of every size.

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PoochPad products are designed for dog owners who love their pets, but hate the mess and odor resulting from "accidents". They are ideal for housebreaking puppies, older or incontinent dogs, and dogs who often stay home alone. Based on fiber technology originally developed by Microfine for use with patients in hospitals and nursing facilities, PoochPad products will absorb up to 4 times their own weight without leaking. And they feature a protective bottom layer that prevents any absorbed moisture form passing through to a carpet, floor, car upholstery, furniture, or pet bed.

All PoochPad products contain a permanent, nontoxic, ODOR INHIBITING LAYER, PROVIDING ODOR RESISTANCE responsible for odors associated with urine, so your house, car, boat (or anywhere else your pooch goes), always smells fresh and clean. And of course all PoochPad products feature a money-back guarantee. Those are just some of the reasons that thousands of dog owners and many veterinarians, pet hospitals, and animal care facilities across the country use PoochPad products.

The PoochPad product line includes the original PoochPad Housebreaking Pads, the Extra-Absorbent PoochPads for Mature Dogs, PoochPants Diapers for Dogs, the PoochPad Ultra-Dry Crate & Kennel Pads and PoochPad Dog Beds.

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